Kinma girls and boys

KINMA is a dedicated range of products to meet the needs of our young adults, moving from childhood into the adult world.

It is a time when we as family and community, offer security and support, while limits are challenged, boundaries crossed and our children grow into young adults.

A period of rapid growth, when hormones and emotions are intensified bringing the need for balance and calm.

Our Aboriginal peoples revere this time with their growing children, as periods of change and  initiation, when the young boys become men and the young girls become women, nurtured by the ones they love.
KINMA products are clear and fresh, providing some of our unique blends to clarify, tone, rebalance and energize the body, mind and spirit.

“Growing strong” in a world of challenges and changes is the responsibility offered by our Elders through care and love.

Australian Made & Owned
cleansing foam
Clarifying Cleansing Foam with Lemon scented Tea Tree and Rosewood 

rebalance gel
Rebalancing moisture gel with Marine Collagen and Native Mint 

purifying mask
Cooling Purifying Mask with Witch Hazel and Clays

hair treatment
Nourishing Leave- in Hair Treatment Spray with Native Peach extract and Rose Geranium

Nutrient rich Shampoo/ Conditioner with Quandong extract and Mandarin 
body spray
Refreshing Body 
Spray with wild lime