GBA is an Australian owned beauty business with a vision to affect the future of beauty. Our team of cosmetics industry professionals brings knowledge, skill and expertise in sales, marketing, retail, product development and cosmetics manufacturing.

We are a creative, entrepreneurial partner for beauty brands and retailers searching for innovative concepts and new, inspirational products.

Our aim is to become the future of specialised, innovative beauty products and brands in Australia and key international markets, through industry consolidation and bringing creative and business specialists together.

LI’TYA, means ‘Of the Earth’, and is a unique range of skin, hair and body products based on Indigenous Australian plants and the principles of modern and Indigenous herbalism, aromatherapy and touch therapy. 
LI’TYA products are formulated using sustainably wild harvested, pure Australian botanicals and organic ingredients. LI’TYA is proudly Australian made and owned, certified cruelty-free with responsible packaging.

Our LI’TYA R ® range has been carefully selected and tailored with the price flexibility in mind to meet rising consumer demands for a “Spa at Home” experience.
Our ‘Spa at Home’ product range has been specifically targeted in the medium to upper retail price point to meet rising consumer demands for luxury products whilst providing a healthy margin to our retail stockists.

Personal care using our range of products which are 'Sustainably Wild Harvested™’ gives our busy the opportunity to stop for a minute in their busy day and purchase skincare products for their Spa at Home needs.
We are excited that through this this product range we are providing our consumers to learn and  celebrate the unique history from a global community which is just as relevant  today as it was thousands of years ago. Earth Spa™ Elements is the first of our personal care journey range.

BIRRA BABY is a premium range for babies and young children The understandings of new life are fundamental and sacred to our Aboriginal Peoples, a birth represents a new cycle, a continuation of family and community lore, connection to spirit and country. It is a wonderful time, when our babies are nurtured by mother and aunties, grandmothers and cousins each bringing with them the murmurings of our ancestors, the voices of love and caring. Birra baby products offer purity and simplicity using only the safest essences, balms and oils. Suitable for baby and mother pre and post birth.


KINMA is a dedicated range of products to meet the needs of our young adults, moving from childhood into the adult world.
It is a time when we as family and community, offer security and support, while limits are challenged, boundaries crossed and our children grow into young adults.
A period of rapid growth, when hormones and emotions are intensified bringing the need for balance and calm.
Our Aboriginal peoples revere this time with their growing children, as periods of change and  initiation, when the young boys become men and the young girls become women, nurtured by the ones they love.
KINMA products are clear and fresh, providing some of our unique blends to clarify, tone, rebalance and energize the body, mind and spirit.
“Growing strong” in a world of challenges and changes is the responsibility offered by our Elders through care and love.


MARLI- meaning men, has been developed as a specific range of products to meet the skincare regime of men today
Our unique Marli blends, offer all the benefits of Li’Tya’s renowned quality products, while grounding and strengthening Body, Mind and Spirit.
Marli is an invigorating, cleansing and hydrating selection of products which brings a new level of cleansing and hydrating to the day to day male wellness regime.
In today's world, it is not only beneficial but also necessary to take care of and nurture ourselves, to keep our energies clear and vibrant.
Our skin is our interface with the world, absorbs and internalises environmental and topical solutions and is regarded as the body's most reactive and sensitive monitor of our general health.
By feeding our skin with nutrient rich ingredients, we assist in keeping our body and mind clear and healthy, enabling us to maintain balance and good health.


Drawing upon the ancient elements and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicines, intertwining them with even older ancient indigenous Aboriginal teachings and Medicines.  
The sacred energy of an elements cycle is that, one element (serving as parent) enriches, nourishes, strengthens, promoting growth and development of the following element (serving as child). Creating and generating the cycle: Wood feeds Fire - Fire creates Earth (ash) - Earth bears Metal - Metal (trace elements) collects, enrich Water - Water nourishes Wood.
Each element’s stands on its own and works synergistically with each other to support and release.

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